Hevelius Sideras

             The project "Hevelius Sideras" arose on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of birth of astronomer Johannes Hevelius in Gdansk. This installation consists of several paintings on canvas with oil paints and acrylics, also made ​​the stars shining installation representing a real constellations - where you can find the polar star, as well as themes related to the life and work of John Hevelius. The aim is to bring the work of installation of Gdansk astronomer. Installation " Hevelius Sideras" - could be seen in the Refectory Gallery in Kartuzy on the street Klasztorna 5 A, from 1st to 30th october 2011 year. Currently you can see it on exhibited in the Cultural Park of City Fortifications "Gdańsk Fortress" Street. Hail 6, 80-802 Gdańsk.