About me

               Michael Raphael was born in Kartuzy, he began to explore the picturesque winter world. But soon came the spring with the richness of their colors, which were already much more interesting and more friendly to him. Colorful world of spring awakened in him an even greaterdesire to experience what was around him.
        Curiosity knew no boundaries or time, an early age trying to comprehend everything thatsurrounded him, so the only rational choice was to study philosophy as the science which is the beginning of conscious cognition of the world. Knowledge of the scene, after which we walk, objects that surround us, and to de everything - to know the strength - that it makes what seems to us that it is actually white.
                Studying classical philosophy - is exploring the ideas and thoughts of man. But Raphael is not enough. Knowledge of classical science of man and accepted the logic of the system seemed to him too rigid - so decided to cross the border and penetrate further into the world ofincomprehensible for people fighting for every crumb of bread. Working with people staring atthe world delve into other categories in the space on the stage has not yet discovered by him.XXI logic behind the curtain, you can learn many different world, a world of happy people.
                Here now the words are not enough - to give what the soul knows. Wittgenstein wrote, "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." He wakes up, however, question - doeverything we can name, describe the words? To cross the next frontier to describe what goes beyond the language of scientific terminology, Raphael Michael picked up the colors, combining them to write poems, full of expression, thereby allowing customers to freely interpret the work.
           Therefore, contemplating the absolute goodness he expresses his understanding of form andcolor expression.